We are here to design, monitor, collaborate, review and ensure that your investment will achieve its maximum value.

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Rely on us to solve any problems occurring during the construction design process.


By trusting us with your project, you are choosing to make an investment of minimal risk.


We manage everything in the most effective way, always looking after your best interests.

Project delivery

By using the most innovative tools and techniques, we achieve the best results, both financially and aesthetically.


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If you are looking for the safest way to invest in a Villa or a Hotel in Mykonos island – or anywhere in Greece – you need not look any further. We are here to set out for you a thorough risk management process, advise you on key elements of your endeavor, manage the budgets, implement the schedules and troubleshoot anything that may come up along the way.

Having a track record of completed projects of over €70,000,000 of worth and more than 45,000 sq. m. of surface and by providing high-end services to both individual investors and construction companies, you can rest assured that your project lies safely in our experienced hands.

Pre-Construction Management services

The Pre-Construction Management services we offer lay the foundation for any successful project. Therefore, our project planning ensures that everything and everyone will keep to the schedule, that costs will be kept to a minimum, and construction quality will meet the one initially envisaged. Being a Boutique Construction Management Firm driven by excellence, we strongly believe that every thoughtful decision made during the pre-construction phase has the power to affect the final outcome and success of your project.


What will Holman Associates offer you:

Review of all the licenses and feasibility studies of your investment.

Evaluation of existing buildings’ condition.

Communication management between the Design firms.

Coordination of the Detailed Designs’ development.

A realistic schedule and deadline for the project.

Alternatives to minimize costs without sacrificing quality.

Setting of all the construction method statements.

Recommendations on the best qualified materials.

Creation of a quality assurance program.

Project Management services

Our Construction / Project Management services comprise a standardized process based on international standard. At the same time, everything can be tailored to meet the specific characteristics of the project and your own needs and requirements.


By taking over your next project, we will be responsible for:

Construction site supervision and management.

Resolving efficiently any unexpected issues arising along the way.

Monitoring the timetables meticulously.

Crisis management during the construction process.

Implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan.

Compliance with the Health and Safety Plan.

Communication between construction site and designers.

Quality control of the materials used.

Keeping a full Project Calendar highlighting the most crucial tasks.

Keeping a record regarding changes during the building process.


Buildings are documented during construction at key phases. This provides valuable oversight to the project team and enables it to highlight and obviate defects early on. Our project documentation solutions allow investors and developers to gain total visibility over the asset. What is more, thanks to our collaborating online platforms, you can keep an eye on your project from the palm of your hand, even when miles away from the site. Last but not least, our documentation solutions will provide you with comprehensive as-built documentation to support your case in the event of a dispute or even litigation.

360° Virtual Site Tours

Virtual Site Tours will enable owners, investors, and general contractors to cruise through the construction site remotely. Site-Walk 360° is an ideal solution that will allow you to:

Take a step by step tour of your project remotely.

Swiftly respond to RFIs without the need to make an on-site visit.

Monitor workmanship and project progress.

Validate modelled data with as-built records.

Drone-captured photos & videos.

By means of drone –captured photos and videos you will be able to easily perform:

Instant Progress Tracking.

Aerial Site Surveys.

Quality Inspections.

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